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Achieving Happiness

Posted on April 15 2013

Isn’t this what we all want deep down inside? Aren’t all our motives for doing things to reach some level of happiness?

However doesn’t it always seem that happiness is just right around the corner…..we are almost there but just need one more thing?

Unfortunately that illusion is what keeps us always one step away. But look around, there are people happy….so what is their secret? Here it is….are you ready….

Happiness is Right Now

That’s right, if you are not happy right now you have to stop and ask yourself why.

That is just conditioning from the mind. Try saying this to yourself : “I need nothing else to be happy right now”. Keep saying that till you really believe it because once you understand that truth, anything is possible.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet” ~ James Openheim

“Happiness is never stopping to think if you are” ~ Palmer Sondreal

“If you want to be happy…be” ~ Leo Tolstoy


So again ask yourself, am I really happy right now? If the answer is “No” then write down what you “think” will make you truly happy. Is it to lose weight? Is it with a new job? Is it a new special someone in your life?

Or.... is it new fitness clothing made by pheel?

You can always have goals, you can always look for inspiring work, you can always enjoy the company of others…but to assume your happiness is dependent on it is just setting yourself up for the big let down.

by Mike O'Donnoll

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