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A Fit Mind

Posted on April 29 2013

What's a fit body without a fit mind? With all the intense workouts there still needs to be time for a calming practice. Working your mind is important and essential to every day living. Meditation and yoga are two key practices that can be done at any given time.


A perfect morning for us is starting with a cobra pose. To start, lay on your stomach on an elevated surface. Be sure your feet are together with the tops against the floor, yoga mat or bed. Spread your hands under your shoulders. As you inhale slowly, be in the moment and breathe. With each breathe begin to straighten your arms and lift your chest from the floor. Talk about some morning goodness to start the day! 


Follow up with a cup of jo and pheel the love all around. (For the tea lovers, brew some green tea and pheel energized!) 


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