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Pheelin' stressed?

Posted on July 12 2013

Turn your stress into something good

Stress is vital to our survival. Stress hormones optimize brain-circuit function, temporarily increasing your memory and focus. They also help carry your immune system's white blood cells to wherever they are needed in the body to fight an infection or repair tissue, thus strengthening your defenses.

There is a fine line between "good for you" stress and chronic stress. If the hormones secreted are way too much or hang around way too long, the body's immune system defenses start to suffer....which then lead to inflammation in your body. Examples: cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

So.....what can we do to relieve our stress?

1. Just "Breathe"

2. Yoga and meditation is a fantastic way to relieve stress.

3. You can change the way you react to situations that cause stress.

4. Try SMILING....guaranteed to make your day a bit brighter 

5. Get some sleep ... the ZZZZZZ's help you deal with situations with a clear head.

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