Fitness Devotees. Entrepreneurs. Moms.

From slumber parties in middle school to swapping clothes as teenagers, Lisa Lazarus and Lainie Goldstein have been friends for over 30 years.

They found their love for fitness early on through school athletics and now live for skiing, running, hiking, tennis, yoga, pilates, and chasing after their young children.

Outside of the gym, Lisa and Lainie’s lives are just as full and busy. They wanted to create clothing that could keep up with their busy schedules. Whether they were at the gym, picking up the kids from school, or having lunch or shopping with friends they always wanted to look and Pheel their best. They knew if they were struggling to find clothing that could do it all, while fitting well, being fashion forward and comfortable that many other women out there were in the same boat.

Drawing on their combined experience as athletes and accomplished business women, they developed Pheel Fitness Apparel to meet the everyday demands of fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts on the go.

Lisa brings her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of business from NYU Stern Business School combined with 20 years of experience in fashion editorial. Lainie brings decades of experience as an athlete, personal trainer for nearly 20 years, as well as a highly ranked tennis player 20 years, cross trainer, spinning enthusiast, yogi (you name it, she does it) and Licensed Massage Therapist. Together they have designed an athletic brand for the fashionable athlete to help women and men Pheel confident and comfortable right down to their soul.